Day one of making a music video….

Hi all…

The idea here is to make a music video to a song cover of our choice. It is actually to be entered in a comp. So far people are charging £100. Not bad if your earning…however many of us muso’s are as skint as a flint. I am a strong believer in D.I.Y so…lets do it!


1 singer (Pamella Moo), A sound guy (Edgar), A Guitarist (Benn),  A Extra (Luke).

One for the Ladies (and some guys too)…think about what you’re gonna be wearing in the vid. Get your outfit(s) sorted out now. Check out online shops-ASOS or borrow your mates dress. Sort out your hair and make up before hand. Try asking a friend or relative to assist you with this, all us girlies know someone who’s good at ‘painting’ so holla at them! Always credit the people you take on board at the end of the project.

I am assuming you will know musicians, sound people as you’re maybe jamming with people already. If not you can always put on FB posts on relative sites (more on networking  later). Our deadline is 2nd Aug. Thats approx 2 weeks! I work best under pressure so this should be a doddle…am I gonna regret saying that?

To date I have decided the following:

Ed the sound rec guy is on stand by, ready to record the guitar parts and my vocals possibly Friday.

Benn guitar guy is strumming away at home and we’ll meet Thursday to go through the track!

Luke our ‘tax man’ extra who is a student currently doing performing arts so he can bounce some ideas out way on location.

Meanwhile I have printed out the lyrics and started visualising ‘scenes’ and possible locations around Leicester. Do this-write your ideas down, brainstorm! Be creative. You can go out on location OR film at a bar, up to you.


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