Recording the track…

Today we recorded the guitar parts for the song. This was done by Edgar (soundman) and Benn (guitarist). We went to a local college as our sound man is on a course there. Benn’s guitar was plugged directly into a Saffire 6 audio interface and recorded using Logic on a mac laptop. Benn recorded bass, rhythm  and some in fills on top. So thats  3 tracks to mess around with. I came into the session late-this had consequences!

Later today I recorded my vocals. Unfortunately I found the key too low so when I sang I sounded like a croaky frog. This wouId have prevented had I been present, I could have told Benn to up the key. Lesson learned: Don’t be late for rehearsals or recordings! My bad. However to be productive with the time we had we recorded me acapella in the correct key. I shall send this to Benn-Guitar man to have a listen.

Plan of Action:

  • Re-record Benn tomorrow in correct key.
  • Dash home and record vocals!
  • Put a fresh and funky beat to it.

Edgar Payton – Sound Engineer


2 thoughts on “Recording the track…

  1. Sorry, I hit reply too quickly. In mid-January of this year, I posted my first amateur guitar lick video, and am having a bit of success, but would love whatever tips you are planning to provide to increase views. I’ll hit 50,000 views sometime in the next week, but know that with help, that number may be dramatically increased.

    I look forward to your response. Thank you.

  2. I think you’re doing fine as it is!
    Have you considered doing some covers of popular music? Something from the latest top 20 charts. Do a acoustic version to it. Lots of people do ‘open mic’ nights and like to sing up to date songs. Some I have done are Jesse James-price tag and Rihanna-we found love. When you do your Guitar lick videos to these songs ‘tag’ them with the artists name, song title and ‘acoustic version’. Lots of people are sure to look you up. Me and whoever I jam with often search for guitar versions of recent songs. I will post more up on linking Twitter, You Tube and Facebook later. Its all about the wording and passing on your site on all social and blog sites. Hope thats a bit for now and shall be back with more info.

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