Guitar chords, Vocals and harmonies-CHECK!

Hello. What a rush around day. This was all in fact on Saturday (yesterday). We managed to up the key a tone from the previous recording. This enabled me to sing in a brighter tone and hit my lower notes and not sound flat. Straight after we dashed to do my vocals with harmonies-I love them. Sounding OK so far.

So looks like song wise its going to plan. So far all 3 of us have had a input into the song. Now to start thinking about the story board for the video. The genre/feel of the final song may well affect the way the video is shot. Is its slow and mellow we’d like a nice chilled out video. If its upbeat we’d want more movement in our vid. Not sure what’s happening today-its out of listen to the remixes and see if I like them or start writing up the storyboard. Back soon after breakfast 🙂

Benn Hartmann – Pro Guitarist


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