Filming on location!

Its Friday and the suns blazing down on us. I packed all my props in the boot of my car. I needed a tent, bowler hat, folder, paper boat, sunlounger, bottle of ginger beer, a gold gold tray, bread for the ducks! I put most things in a pull around suitcase-easy to lug around.

Don’t forget to take your hair and make up and changes of outfits with you. Take some food/water.

I bought a Vivitar DVR 1080P HD Camcorder £49.99 from Argos. It was on promotion at half price. Ok it was our first time and to be fair it worked out OK. By all means if you have a better cam then great! Take your laptop(s), spare SD memory cards and extra leads. Make sure your cam corder is charged up! Lucky we could re charge the cam via USB/laptop.


With our storyboard in mind me, Edgar and Luke O’Downie (our extra) went to our location which was Abbey Park in Leicester. As I had pre planned each location, we simply went to our desired spot, set up and filmed! It was easy. We were there early morning so there was hardly anyone around. We knew we were there for a reason so if people are watching try to ignore them. Think of how important it is for you to get this done, besides you gonna be a star soon anyway so best start getting used to the lime light right?

Filming took us approx 10AM-3PM. We changed locations to Western Park half way through at which point Taxman went home. At Western Park we got the band stand shots. I really wanted the band stand in and the one at Abbey Park was surrounded by a fair! Lucky we had a 2nd one in Leicester. It was fun. We took many many takes, several for ‘good luck’ then called it a day.


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