Here is the video. Please note it was a home jobby. Granted it could be better but hey its fine for a first take. Lessons can be learned from this. If you like the track please vote via this link pamkinks by clicking the VOTE button on the right hand side 🙂

You can also see the vidieo via you tube:


Story board…

I spent today mulling over the what should be in my video. Obviously it has to go with what is being said in the song so firstly I printed the lyrics and ‘grouped’ them. With so many ideas running through my head the only option is to put them on paper hence a STORYBOARD. It is completely up to you how you create this:

  1. Collage: cut out photos/props you like from magazines and stick them on your board.
  2. Draw a black and white ‘stick man’ image of what you want.

My video is to be shot in our local park. It is a park as it has various features, ducks, pathways, bridge, rose garden. I went there and took photos of the bits I liked and used them later in my storyboard. Think of what props you will need. Any extra people playing other roles? Costumes/outfits. You may well need to take a few outfits and make-up/shoes with you. I plan to put everything in a pull around suitcase so all is at hand and easy to cart around.

Later on I took my two lines and brainstormed how to portray this using what resources I have. Please refer to the story board image as everything you would need to think of/write up is on there. I used Photoshop to put my ideas down as I find it easy but you can print, cut, paste and draw. Whatever your feeling at the time.

Not everything is do-able. It is up to you to make the scenes interesting. Your outfits, your expressions and how people are interacting within that scene.

Guitar chords, Vocals and harmonies-CHECK!

Hello. What a rush around day. This was all in fact on Saturday (yesterday). We managed to up the key a tone from the previous recording. This enabled me to sing in a brighter tone and hit my lower notes and not sound flat. Straight after we dashed to do my vocals with harmonies-I love them. Sounding OK so far.

So looks like song wise its going to plan. So far all 3 of us have had a input into the song. Now to start thinking about the story board for the video. The genre/feel of the final song may well affect the way the video is shot. Is its slow and mellow we’d like a nice chilled out video. If its upbeat we’d want more movement in our vid. Not sure what’s happening today-its out of listen to the remixes and see if I like them or start writing up the storyboard. Back soon after breakfast 🙂

Benn Hartmann – Pro Guitarist

Recording the track…

Today we recorded the guitar parts for the song. This was done by Edgar (soundman) and Benn (guitarist). We went to a local college as our sound man is on a course there. Benn’s guitar was plugged directly into a Saffire 6 audio interface and recorded using Logic on a mac laptop. Benn recorded bass, rhythm  and some in fills on top. So thats  3 tracks to mess around with. I came into the session late-this had consequences!

Later today I recorded my vocals. Unfortunately I found the key too low so when I sang I sounded like a croaky frog. This wouId have prevented had I been present, I could have told Benn to up the key. Lesson learned: Don’t be late for rehearsals or recordings! My bad. However to be productive with the time we had we recorded me acapella in the correct key. I shall send this to Benn-Guitar man to have a listen.

Plan of Action:

  • Re-record Benn tomorrow in correct key.
  • Dash home and record vocals!
  • Put a fresh and funky beat to it.

Edgar Payton – Sound Engineer


One for the ladies….

Today I picked out a few dresses from ASOS. (Easy to use and select the free delivery option) It is important to look good in your video. Have an image in mind, fans will buy into your voice yes but many may buy into your music because they like the look of YOU! Stalker alert!

I am not a toned kinda gal and feel slightly conscience about the wobbly bits-thank the choccie bars for that. I opted for long sleeved dresses to hide my arms and for the tummy area some support pants, I’m sure most ladies have a pair of bridget joneses, wear them to give you that sleek neat look. Primark do them well cheap-try before you buy. I will choose one item and send the rest back for a refund. At least ONE will fit?! If you can’t afford anything then dig out your best dress, revamp it-stick a pretty flower pin on. Less is more.

The role I am playing is: I’m throwing a strop because I can’t have the Hermes bag so the Chanel one will have to do’ kind of girl. Well that’s my interpretation of the song we are doing. Hehe. So now I sit and wait for my delivery tomorrow.

Sorry guys if I bored you but it’s also something for you to think about. Pick your favourite athlete or rapper, what do they wear in their spare time? Get some inspiration, you’ve got a lot of female fans out there waiting for ya!

Day one of making a music video….

Hi all…

The idea here is to make a music video to a song cover of our choice. It is actually to be entered in a comp. So far people are charging £100. Not bad if your earning…however many of us muso’s are as skint as a flint. I am a strong believer in D.I.Y so…lets do it!


1 singer (Pamella Moo), A sound guy (Edgar), A Guitarist (Benn),  A Extra (Luke).

One for the Ladies (and some guys too)…think about what you’re gonna be wearing in the vid. Get your outfit(s) sorted out now. Check out online shops-ASOS or borrow your mates dress. Sort out your hair and make up before hand. Try asking a friend or relative to assist you with this, all us girlies know someone who’s good at ‘painting’ so holla at them! Always credit the people you take on board at the end of the project.

I am assuming you will know musicians, sound people as you’re maybe jamming with people already. If not you can always put on FB posts on relative sites (more on networking  later). Our deadline is 2nd Aug. Thats approx 2 weeks! I work best under pressure so this should be a doddle…am I gonna regret saying that?

To date I have decided the following:

Ed the sound rec guy is on stand by, ready to record the guitar parts and my vocals possibly Friday.

Benn guitar guy is strumming away at home and we’ll meet Thursday to go through the track!

Luke our ‘tax man’ extra who is a student currently doing performing arts so he can bounce some ideas out way on location.

Meanwhile I have printed out the lyrics and started visualising ‘scenes’ and possible locations around Leicester. Do this-write your ideas down, brainstorm! Be creative. You can go out on location OR film at a bar, up to you.