Here is the video. Please note it was a home jobby. Granted it could be better but hey its fine for a first take. Lessons can be learned from this. If you like the track please vote via this link pamkinks by clicking the VOTE button on the right hand side 🙂

You can also see the vidieo via you tube:


final few bits…

Admittedly my syncing is not up to scratch. However for what it is it is fine…I wonder if anyone else has gone to so much effort for this competition…

By the way you guessed what song it is yet 🙂

A scene from the video!

iMovies….MY movie!

Ok time to go through the clips. Firstly I DELETED the ones I knew were out of focus, too sunny or just plain naff. These clips take up a lot of space on the old lappy so best to down load them to a external hard drive. I have a passport one and its great. Look out for deals on the internet. I got mine for £50 (half price from normal).

WD Passport hard drive

I have never edited in my life. I opened up iMovies on my mac. There is a very short and straight to the point tutorial. Do not be put off by this. I had no choice but to watch it. It is so easy even my mom could do it! If you get real stuck go onto you tube and search for ‘how to use iMovies’, include what version you have… After a lot of scene selecting and ‘trying’ to sync bits up I had created a short film. If you are the singer you may well want to teach yourself some editing tricks. After all only you know how you want to look. I chose the bits I thought worked better. In fact we could have done with more footage but we had no time. Something to bare in mind next time…

Print screen of how i Movie looked after…build it up scene by scene. Trust me its easy!

Filming on location!

Its Friday and the suns blazing down on us. I packed all my props in the boot of my car. I needed a tent, bowler hat, folder, paper boat, sunlounger, bottle of ginger beer, a gold gold tray, bread for the ducks! I put most things in a pull around suitcase-easy to lug around.

Don’t forget to take your hair and make up and changes of outfits with you. Take some food/water.

I bought a Vivitar DVR 1080P HD Camcorder £49.99 from Argos. It was on promotion at half price. Ok it was our first time and to be fair it worked out OK. By all means if you have a better cam then great! Take your laptop(s), spare SD memory cards and extra leads. Make sure your cam corder is charged up! Lucky we could re charge the cam via USB/laptop.


With our storyboard in mind me, Edgar and Luke O’Downie (our extra) went to our location which was Abbey Park in Leicester. As I had pre planned each location, we simply went to our desired spot, set up and filmed! It was easy. We were there early morning so there was hardly anyone around. We knew we were there for a reason so if people are watching try to ignore them. Think of how important it is for you to get this done, besides you gonna be a star soon anyway so best start getting used to the lime light right?

Filming took us approx 10AM-3PM. We changed locations to Western Park half way through at which point Taxman went home. At Western Park we got the band stand shots. I really wanted the band stand in and the one at Abbey Park was surrounded by a fair! Lucky we had a 2nd one in Leicester. It was fun. We took many many takes, several for ‘good luck’ then called it a day.

Story board…

I spent today mulling over the what should be in my video. Obviously it has to go with what is being said in the song so firstly I printed the lyrics and ‘grouped’ them. With so many ideas running through my head the only option is to put them on paper hence a STORYBOARD. It is completely up to you how you create this:

  1. Collage: cut out photos/props you like from magazines and stick them on your board.
  2. Draw a black and white ‘stick man’ image of what you want.

My video is to be shot in our local park. It is a park as it has various features, ducks, pathways, bridge, rose garden. I went there and took photos of the bits I liked and used them later in my storyboard. Think of what props you will need. Any extra people playing other roles? Costumes/outfits. You may well need to take a few outfits and make-up/shoes with you. I plan to put everything in a pull around suitcase so all is at hand and easy to cart around.

Later on I took my two lines and brainstormed how to portray this using what resources I have. Please refer to the story board image as everything you would need to think of/write up is on there. I used Photoshop to put my ideas down as I find it easy but you can print, cut, paste and draw. Whatever your feeling at the time.

Not everything is do-able. It is up to you to make the scenes interesting. Your outfits, your expressions and how people are interacting within that scene.