iMovies….MY movie!

Ok time to go through the clips. Firstly I DELETED the ones I knew were out of focus, too sunny or just plain naff. These clips take up a lot of space on the old lappy so best to down load them to a external hard drive. I have a passport one and its great. Look out for deals on the internet. I got mine for £50 (half price from normal).

WD Passport hard drive

I have never edited in my life. I opened up iMovies on my mac. There is a very short and straight to the point tutorial. Do not be put off by this. I had no choice but to watch it. It is so easy even my mom could do it! If you get real stuck go onto you tube and search for ‘how to use iMovies’, include what version you have… After a lot of scene selecting and ‘trying’ to sync bits up I had created a short film. If you are the singer you may well want to teach yourself some editing tricks. After all only you know how you want to look. I chose the bits I thought worked better. In fact we could have done with more footage but we had no time. Something to bare in mind next time…

Print screen of how i Movie looked after…build it up scene by scene. Trust me its easy!